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Sunday, 06 May 2018 03:38

Casey Condo's Videos

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” -unknown

I moved to Lakeland about 6 years ago. About a year in I was introduced to the CCL. It has been a roller coaster ride for me and them. Sometimes I am on the ride and sometimes I am not.

I moved to Lakeland hoping for the best and expecting it. It is an awesome community but (like most) has some issues. I have seen and been through a lot since moving here. Quite a bit of it has been unfair and politically motivated. I can deal with it and have but I don’t want it to continue and I want to protect others.

I like a lot of CCL people have been targeted and threatened for my SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT political beliefs. Right now, I am fine with building a High School, after we get in commercial growth to support it. Is that so radically different than the beliefs of “Yes” people? Is it so radical that our local politicians and others should try to character assassinate me and others?

I have recorded a series of videos that I will be releasing and I will be telling my story. I know what will happen as a result of this. I will be targeted more. I am sure our local politicians will continue to lead this attack. The CCL cannot stop these attacks. The people that ARE NOT CCL can. Do not participate in them. You will be encouraged to do so. The only people that can hold a group of people accountable are in the group itself, not outside the group. If you are a good person you will put a stop to this.

I want to encourage others to come forward and tell your story. It doesn’t have to be on video unless you would like. Please contact me if you feel you have been unfairly targeted, slandered, attacked, misrepresented etc. The more people that come forward with their stories the less power these politicians have.

-Casey Condo

The videos can be found here - WATCH WITH AN OPEN MIND


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Thursday, 21 June 2018 17:27

Bunker tries to buy Senior Citizens votes

There were certainly fireworks at the town hall meeting.

Bunker packed the town hall with Senior Citizens by promising them to pave their streets.

Sound Crazy? Click READ MORE below

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Have you heard the CCL is accusing team Bunker of manipulating the date of the forum so 2 of their candidates couldn't attend?

Something like that would never happen here.

How dare they.

There is just ONE PROBLEM.


If you or me were to apply for a loan the most important number to a bank would be our debt to income ratio.

Want to see what Lakeland's debt to income ratio looks like compared to other cities?

Make sure you are sitting down.


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Bunker negotiates a 65% HIGHER interest rate!


Wyatt Bunker is NOT a fiscal conservative like he claims to be.  He purposely negotiated for a 65% HIGHER interest rate than the one that was offered to him.

Why? It was so he could receive $2,500,000 in "extra" money.  This money was misrepresented to the public and it was only because of a FOI (freedom of information request) that we know the details of the CON (Capital Outlay Note) that was used to finance the middle school.

The purpose of the "extra" money was to build $3,500,000 worth of athletic facilities for the middle school.

Note in all the discussions about the financing it was always discussed that it would be $20,000,000 at a fixed interest rate.  It was NOT $20,000,000 and it was NOT a fixed interest rate.  

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After 2 years Mayor Wyatt Bunker finally decides to remove the Tarp and fix his roof.

But why?

Click Read More below.

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This really is crazy.  A neighbor had a (joke) sign in her yard for 4 hours and code enforcement sends her a 7 page citation.

Our MAYOR has had a TARP on his roof for over 2 years.

You cant make this stuff up!

Click READ MORE below for the rest of the story.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018 22:11

NEGATIVE WIGGLE ROOM in the budget???

At the budget meeting the Mayor asks about funding the new fire department, only to discover we have NEGATIVE WIGGLE ROOM in the budget and must spend the city's reserves (savings)


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Thursday, 07 June 2018 19:12

Bunker / Roman / Wright Agenda VS Growth

The team of Wyatt Bunker / Josh Roman and Matt Wright told the residents of Lakeland stories of how much Lakeland would grow if we would build the school.  It is 4 years later what does the data show?


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Thursday, 27 September 2018 16:55

We got caught who do we blame?

What do you do when you get caught scheduling a political event where the majority of your opposition cannot attend?

You claim the other side is attacking the character of the person who was putting the debate together of course.

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