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Lake District Foreclosure?

 This goes without saying

We do not know of a single person in Lakeland that doesn't want the Lake District to become a reality and hopefully it still will.


Here is what has happened so far:

On 8/17/2017 our group became aware of the following notice: https://www.memphisdailynews.com/Search/Details/ViewNotice.aspx?id=Fmd57642&date=8/16/2017

We then inquired about it on social media and there was silence and no one seemed to know anything.

Since then there have been 2 articles with additional information:


Please note the quote from Mayor Bunker: "He said he had doubts about the project from the start."


More upbeat article from the currents:



Yesterday on 8/17/2017 the economic council met.  

You can watch the recorded meeting here: https://www.facebook.com/livemonitor1/ 

During this meeting the developer offered to write a check for the $70,000 of our tax money n legal fees the city has spent on creating the TIF to help fund the project.  We were surprised they didn't take him up on the offer.

Here is the currents article about the meeting: http://lakelandcurrents.com/idb-defers-decision-on-the-lake-district/


As of right now we are waiting to find out more information before the foreclosure date of 9/8/2017 when the property goes up for auction.


Did they know this was coming?

One can't help but wonder if the BOC might have seen this coming and wanted to avoid blow-back from social media when they wanted to bring in legal council in how to deal with social media. [1]




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