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Casey Condo's Videos Featured

I Highly Recommend Watching all of the videos in order. 

Precursor Video

I am guess you hate all politicians except the ones you voted for?

I am also guessing you are always right when it comes to your political views?

Everyone thinks these things and everyone has flawed thinking.

One of our members (Casey Condo) has decided that there is another side to all of the politics in Lakeland and you might want to open your mind to a different perspective.

Video 1

Topics Include:

  • Video describes his move to Lakeland
  • Meeting the CCL
  • First conflict with Matt Wright

Video 2

Topics Include:

  • Discussion of Matt Wright Threats
  • False Narratives you are being fed

Video 3

Topics Include:

  • Matt Wright is a good Father, Husband, Volunteer
  • Threats received from Lakeland BOC members
  • What has made an imprint
  • Father's Legacy
  • Lies about me will bring the truth about you

Video 4

Topics Include:

  • Casey explains what Matt Wright's threat was all about
  • Matt Wright labels CCL as "Civil Terrorists?"

Video 5

Topics Include:

  • Casey has been kicked out of CCL groups more than anyone?
  • Why I switched my opinion on the middle school
  • Middle School was a "Compromise"? 

Video 7 (Yes I know I skipped 6)

Topics Include:

  • Learn about what I did (also) FOR the YES group
  • Casey Condo was Citizen of the year???
  • About me volunteering for the Lakeland Currents
  • Don't hate people you have never met or spoken with in person because of a caricature someone else created of that person
  • Lakeland Currents can publish what they want?
  • You believe the CCL wants the city to fail? WOW!

Video 8

Topics Include:

  • "For Evil to Triumph all it takes is for Good Men to do Nothing"
  • YES people - I have a very reasonable request for you
  • One guy above all should not be re-elected
  • Fake profile proof?
  • What got Matt Wright kicked off Next Door?
  • Everyone needs to know about spinning a question
  • Screenshots of what got Matt Wright Kicked off nextdoor.com

Video 9

Topics Include:

  • I am not going to spoil this video - if you watch ANY of my videos WATCH THIS ONE
  • Everyone should be upset with the members of our BOC after they see this one
  • Vote these bums out


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