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Censorship and systematically Manipulating the information

To be a responsible citizen means to do your own research, become as well informed as possible and go vote.

We thought you would like to see what your options are for information, who is in control of that information and what is being said on those sources.

Nextdoor.com - Wesley Wright claims to be the administrator with authority over all neighborhoods but this is disputed

 According to NextDoor.com's Terms of Service for agency partners there was supposed to be a signed agreement between the city and Wesley - there is not one.  He is also supposed to hold an official position with the City and he does not.

Wesley recently had NextDoor.com ban the most active No people right before the election. He will tell you some Yes people were banned to and they probably were but it is interesting NextDoor.com didn't decide to get involved in local Lakeland politics and start banning people until right before the election. The Yes people had free reign and mostly still do there.

To join Nextdoor you have to live in a certain neighborhood and they are linked together.  Wesley has repeatedly allowed people like School Board member Matt Wright to post things related to the Yes campaign while demanding other neighborhood leads (administrators) to take down and posts that are against the debt.  Wesley recently had one of our members banned for posting political comments.  During the period right before this School Board Member Matt Wright was suspiciously silent and his political posts were removed (we believe by him).  He was not banned. Wesley then appointed Matt Wright along with Laura and Scott Harrison, and Marty Wood Administators (or leads) of Plantation hills in order to help him in his censorship quest. 


Lakeland TN Municipal Schools Web Page (Heart of Yes People) - Multiple Administrators including Wesley Wright

This page allows no dissent whatsoever. This is a private group and you will most likely be vetted if you ask to join. In this group is where the parents and the most people who will most likely vote Yes are. The reason this site is so closely monitored and controlled is because this is where all the voters are and they do not what them to know any information that has not been passed through their filters.  You will not be allowed to ask any critical questions and if you do you will very quickly: be warned, have your posts deleted, be banned from the site or all of the above.

Here is Wesley Wright who you will see is the administrator of almost every media outlet for the debt instructing Yes people how to manipulate social media against the Concerned Citizens of Lakeland:

Here is the Yes group encouraging people to leave the CCL facebook group and not listen to anything they have to say:
(Huge power grab and attempt to control the information)

Here is school board member Matt Wright asking the Yes group to go and manipulate Next Door:


Lakeland - TN Facebook Page -  Alexa Bray Tutor (Yes Supporter) is the Administrator. The day after getting Stephanie banned on Nextdoor.com Wesley Wright was added as an additional Administrator

On this page you are NOT allowed to ask any critical questions - they will delete the posts and you will be banned:

The concerned Citizens of Lakeland Face Book Page - Several Administrators at one time Wesley Wright was an admin until it became apparent he was on the other side of the debate

On this page anyone can participate as long as they do not launch personal attacks - You will see plenty posts from "Yes" People. There have been "Yes" people removed from here for personal attacks, constantly posting ads that are out of context etc.  These people did not want to contribute to the conversation but were there to antagonize.  People have been kicked out (and then let back in) for being rude, launching personal attacks etc.  If you don't believe both sides are allowed to debate there go there now and go see for yourself.  - Recently some Yes people have stopped posting as we believe they have been told to so make sure to also look at older posts before they read this and delete their own posts.

Other sources:

  • City of Lakeland Facebook Page - Wesley Wright is the Administrator / Author
  • Lakeland Twitter account - Wesley Wright is the Administrator / Author
  • Lakeland Currents - Wesley Wright is the social media person

We encourage you to educate yourself.  Ask tough questions EVERYWHERE including the No group's Facebook page. 

If you do not believe that content is being filtered, suppressed, and censored, try to join the Yes group's Facebook page and ask them some tough questions.  See what happens.  Maybe they will change their mind and decide to allow in a little sunlight?



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