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Lakeland Watchdogs – Dog Gate Controversy?

This website was originally going to launch under the name and design of LakeLandWatchDogs.com then we saw the following post:

Someone had leaked to the Yes group our website name.  So being the good people we are about a week before the launch we switched all the graphics and content to be what it is now.  With the design you see now.  We were unaware of the PTA group.  The exception to this is the website address at the bottom of the first round of signs we ordered.

But the Yes people desperately need a win and something to demonize us for rather than discussing the fats and inconsistencies in their message etc.

So when we announced the launch of the site they tried to make it about the name - see below.

Interesting that Keith was wanting to know about the Website name considering he is the one that owns www.lakelandwatchdogs.net.  See below and see the registration date:

So this new website address now goes YesForLakeLand.com and they are trying to confuse people to where the website is and what it stands for.

Matt Wright is a member of the School Board (Elected Official) and maintains the YesForLakeland.com website.

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