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If the vote fails will the tax be repealed?

From the beginning, the Mayor has repeatedly said that if the bond resolution failed he supported repealing the $0.55/100 tax increase. Realizing this was a losing position since a very large majority of citizens were tired of the tax increases, the remaining Board of Commissioners quickly reversed this and started saying the tax would stay even if the bond were defeated.

This presented them with a dilemma since the original resolution the Commissioners passed had language that would have not allowed them to keep the tax if the bond failed. It said:


The problem they faced was if the school bond were defeated, they would have no school bond debt.

No school bond = No school bond debt = No legal reason for the tax

How could they get around this problem? Easy as pie! Just change the language to comply with their changed position that the tax was here to stay. They amended the original language minutes prior to the final vote, thereby denying any public comments on the changes or opposition to them.  Here’s how it reads since they changed it:


Don’t forget they originally said they would repeal the tax and comply with the wishes of the people if the bond were defeated. Then they changed the language at the last minute so they could KEEP the tax increase even if the majority voted against the bond!

This is another example of the behavior of the Commissioners who have done everything in their power to prevent us from having any voice in:

  • School building plan
  • Tax increases
  • Massive $50,000,000 bond

They use the fact we voted for our own school system as justification for their actions, but now refuse to listen to the will of the people if their bond is defeated!


Vote NO on the bond!

These politicians cannot be trusted!


From Lakeland Currents:

Wesley Alan Wright‎ 
Lakeland Education Foundation

September 9, 2014

Small Group HOA meeting

IH Clubhouse - Sept. 9, 2014

Residents from three Lakeland neighborhood associations along with others attended a meeting Sept. 9 to query City officials about the proposed Lakeland Prep, increased property tax and bond issue.

About 40 people were in attendance initially. They were later joined by members of The Grove at Lakeland and Lakeland Estates HOAs who had been attending their own HOA meetings in other areas of the IH campus. Of the 36 or so who spoke, four were in favor of Lakeland Prep and could deal with the increased tax and bond issuance.

A nagging question about the proposed tax increase was whether City officials would repeal the tax if voters do not approve a bond issue for $50 million.

Wyatt Bunker, mayor, said he would be in favor of reversing a tax increase but could not speak for the four commissioners.  He said he would be willing to commit to repeal the tax in the event the vote on the bond fails.  There would be no need for a tax. He said however that the tax will be set in the spring 2015. Tax bills will be received in August. If the bond issue goes to a vote in September 2015 (the soonest there is an election in Lakeland), the tax rate could not be adjusted until 2016."

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