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It is funny how much the Yes camp lately has been trying to say the Concerned Citizens of Lakeland have been censoring them.  What is funny is that they do it on the ONE place they don't control the conversation - the CCL facebook page where supposedly we censor them.


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Friday, 18 August 2017 14:07

Lake District Foreclosure?

Is the Lake District being foreclosed?

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Sunday, 10 May 2015 16:00

Debt Limits NOW!

General Obligation Debt, the kind of debt used to pay for large projects like school road projects, is guaranteed ONLY by the government's ability to raise your taxes.  Under TN law, we are not allowed to have any vote on raising our property taxes!  So any General Obligation Debt the City takes on is married to our Property Taxes, for Better or for Worse.  The simple way to think about it is:

General Obligation Debt = Property Taxes

Lakeland is the only city in Shelby County that has NO LIMITS on General Obligation Debt.  With NO LIMITS on the amount of debt the BOC can issue and this debt tied directly to our Property Taxes, Lakeland taxpayers have no safety net.  If we implement reasonable limits on the amount of debt the BOC can issue, we can protect ourselves from endless debt-driven tax increases.  Please read and use our link to email the BOC demanding sensible Debt Limits here in Lakeland!

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Actions News 5 Shows that we said we had mold issues at Lakeland Elementary School.

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You've heard the lies and half-truths.  Now get the facts that your Lakeland officials and Lakeland news sources will not tell you.   

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After the BOC meeting on 3/20/2019 there was a situation that resulted in Commissioner Roman being detained by the Shelby County Sherriff's officers

Almost all of this was caught on video.  Click read MORE below to read the story and watch the video.

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At the BOC meeting on 2/12/2019 the big news was A LOT of people were upset by the potential of their city taxes almost DOUBLING for a 12 year CON. But to people that can't have the reality of that be the headline, they needed to create a new narrative and get out ahead of the story. They wanted the story to be this was mainly the people of North Lakeland and that Mayor Cunningham allowed a guy from North Lakeland to go on a racist rant and the crow loved it. They even posted a deceptive video to "prove it" watch both videos and decide for yourself.


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The Lakeland Currents has written an "Investigation" into the citizens that have looked into the FOI requests.  They are in lock step with the current strategy in place which is to demonize their political opponents.  We also saw this with Geoff Hiicks farewell speech to the school board.  This is a return to the original 2015 strategy. 

For everything that is wrong with the article and to have an understanding of how it misrepresents the facts and attempts to misguide you click READ MORE.

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I was recently provided by Mr Netanel an unsigned contract as "Proof" the lawsuit has been settled.

But - Has it?


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