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Top 10 Reasons to Vote NO on the Debt!

  1. We already have access to Great schools in Arlington that are rated a 9/10 without the debt and risk!
  2. Even if we build the schools, Arlington will continue to have open enrollment. Lakeland kids will still be able to go to Arlington schools if their parents choose to send them. If Arlington schools prove to be better than the schools in Lakeland that is where parents are going to send their kids.
  3. Our City Officials have not released a budget with: Projected # of students by grade, by year, operating expenses broken out by category. The only financial information they have released was on a PowerPoint. Our group has contacted the city and confirmed this information exists. When we asked we were told it was internal information.
  4. The bond will raise our debt to a value that would be illegal for all other surrounding cities.  We don’t have a debt limit in our bylaws while they do.
  5. The main advantage Lakeland had over neighboring cities was low taxes. We cannot compete with them on amenities or services. If you vote yes we will have the second highest effective tax rate in Shelby County (only behind Memphis) and only have a school to show for it.
  6. The city needs countless other things it more urgently than a school since that's already covered for six more years. Items such as a Fire Department, Police Department, improvements to roads, parks, etc.
  7. A Yes vote is a vote to allow unlimited property tax increases (it is right on the ballot).
  8. If the vote passes this means that we will have the highest debt load per person of any other municipality in Shelby County (by a long shot). Over $4,400 per person, secured only by our property taxes, and payable with unlimited tax increases.
  9. Retail tax producing Businesses may be repelled by the combination of our high tax rate and low population density and choose to open just outside the city limits.
  10. A Yes Vote locks us in debt for the next 30 years. A No vote is a 'no' only for now. As the current 7-Year Agreement comes closer to expiration we will most likely have more homes (property tax) and commerce (sales tax) and we can revisit the issue. If you are unsure VOTE NO ON THE BOND.

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