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Controlling the information:Manipulating date of forum

So if you haven't heard our group is upset that team Bunker selected a venue for a forum, then selected a date and then notified Team Cunningham of the date. 

The problem is that two members of Team Cunningham cannot make it.  This is of course no problem to team Bunker as it was planned that way.  Considering how it played out and how Team Cunningham had been in contact with them and have given them dates that worked for the themselves, they also had dates that DID NOT WORK FOR TEAM CUNNINGHAM. Eureka.  The career politician made sure to get it scheduled on that date, as he is scared to death for someone to ask him hard questions. Especially when the other person doesn't have a 2 minute time limit (like at city meetings).


There was a similar incident where a Lakeland school meeting just so happened to be scheduled so that it was right at the same time when Tammy Mason was going to speak to the parents of Arlignton and Lakeland children.

Matt told our entire town that Arlington created the conflict and was unwilling to change their schedule so that Ted Horrell could attend the meeting.

Word got back to Arlington that a Lakeland School board member and now appointed member of our Board of Commissioners (BOC) was misrepresenting the Truth.

Yesterday we received a copy of an Interesting letter from someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Lets see what Arlington had to say regarding this matter:


The first thing to note is they are in a familiar situation. What is the situation? Matt Wright of the Lakeland School Board (Now BOC member) is giving mis-information regarding the Arlington School system.

What was this information about? Saying that Arlington had created a scheduling conflict that in fact the Lakeland School board created.  He even had to add that what THEY were doing "Looks very shady".

Accuses Arlington of being the ones that "orchestrated this where it's impossible"

He blames them for the CONFLICT! Then on top of everything BLAMES THE CCL - Yes this is 2015.  He has been doing this for THAT LONG.

Now he even states the Arlington's PTSA president was contacted and HE REFUSED to accommodate the change in date.

So lets recap:

  • Lakeland officials know when the date of an event is bad for the other party...
  • They schedule an event on the CONFLICTING  date...
  • They blame the other party for not accommodating THEM by moving the event...
  • They claim the OTHER PARTY is acting very shady...
  • They say someone else caused the conflict, but not them
  • They then of course go on to BLAME THE CCL. Because it just wouldn't be Lakeland without that.

Anyone see any similarities to this situation with the forum where they chose the date, and it just to happened that two of our candidates CANNOT attend, and they are unwilling to move it, while blaming the other party?

Conspiracy Theory? - I think not. (Note this is the new False Narrative you are being sold as they cannot discredit the information, they must do what they always do: Label, Attack, discredit, and character assassinate the source of the information.)

Nothing at this point is more predictable than the actions of Bunker and the "people riding his coat tails." (His words not ours).

Note: are we mad at the Citizen with a great reputation that got caught in the middle of all of this? No. We feel bad for her and the position the politicians put her in.


Even if we didn't have this to show you, don't you think it is an interesting coincidence that there aren't any BOC conflicts, no conflicts with School events, no sporting events that might stop parents from coming, and of course no scheduling conflicts for the Bunker team.  But at the same time conflicts for two out of the three Team Cunningham candidates.  How lucky could Wyatt Bunker be? Right...


Here is the entire letter for completeness - you ever notice how we back up our claims with proof and they don't?

What would happen if some of you consider just for a moment that the CAREER POLITICIANS are the ones spreading the lies and NOT the CCL how many times do we need to PROVE IT to you?

Do your own thinking..... and do your own research.....stop letting politicians hand you your opinions.



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