• Concerned Citizens of Lakeland TN

    What do you do when you get caught scheduling a political event where the majority of your opposition cannot attend?

    You claim the other side is attacking the character of the person who was putting the debate together of course.

    Have you heard the CCL is accusing team Bunker of manipulating the date of the forum so 2 of their candidates couldn't attend?

    Something like that would never happen here.

    How dare they.

    There is just ONE PROBLEM.

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    If you or me were to apply for a loan the most important number to a bank would be our debt to income ratio.

    Want to see what Lakeland's debt to income ratio looks like compared to other cities?

    Make sure you are sitting down.


    For years the CCL has told you that if you factor in the fire fees that Lakeland has the highest taxes of any of the other local municipalities (excluding Memphis).

    For years every time we have tried to inform you of this Matt Wright has unleashed tactic #1.  The CCL lies.

    After reviewing some screen shots we have found the one person (maybe) that Matt Wright wouldn't accuse of lying.....himself.


    We have recently discovered a huge conflict of interest with the financial firm (PFM) whjo was advising the city.
    We already know PFM didn't do their own math.  We just discovered we also paid them to not do it.  Click Read More below.

    At the BOC meeting on 7-12-2018 two of our BOC commissioners mention an ominous and "disturbing" CCLA flyer.

    We got our hands on a copy (we had NEVER seen it)

    Hide your kids and hide your wife then click READ MORE below.

    The city cannot afford to expand the sewer system without taking on additional debt.

    Their words - not ours.

    This is why they raised your sewer fees. - But hey they didn't raise taxes right?

    But we can absolutely afford to borrow an additional $22,000,000 to $30,000,000

    Don't question this logic if you do you are a CCL activist.


    There were certainly fireworks at the town hall meeting.

    Bunker packed the town hall with Senior Citizens by promising them to pave their streets.

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    The team of Wyatt Bunker / Josh Roman and Matt Wright told the residents of Lakeland stories of how much Lakeland would grow if we would build the school.  It is 4 years later what does the data show?


    On 9/27/17 the BOC had their first "Strategic Planning Meeting" at that meeting Mayor Bunker asks Superintendent Dr Horrell to have cost estimates for Lakeland High School construction ready to present to BOC within 4-6 weeks.

    The BOC and Mayor Bunker would like to have you believe this was the first meeting to discuss building the High School.

    Do you want to see the timeline the CCL has constructed via Freedom of Information requests (FOIs)? 

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